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A Very Nasty Fish

Human Tetra Fact Sheet

The Human Tetra, Homo sapiens, is probably the most aggressive of all the tetras.  It is also the biggest, growing up to about 72 inches (182cm long).

Our collecting expedition found several specimens swimming in the biggest river of the planet Earth, (The third planet of the star we call "Sol").  This Planet has less than half the gravity of Homeworld; land animals from Earth would not be able to cope with our gravity so animals were only collected from the water.
Two schools of Human Tetras were collected from the water, they were swimming with many other types of tetra, and this is the main basis of the inclusion of this fish in the tetra group of fish, but this unpleasant fish has several characteristics of its own, and some of our scientists think it should be reclassified.

Live Bearing

This Tetra is the only known live bearing tetra. It also comes out onto land to breed. One other tetra does something similar.  The Splashing Tetra, Copella arnoldi, lays its eggs out of water and keeps them wet by splashing.  The cranks who still believe in the long discredited "Theory of Evolution" think that this fish evolved from the splashing Tetra.

This is nonsense of the worst sort.  Only our Divine Creator could have made something like the Human Tetra.  It is the clearest possible proof this theory is gibberish.  Only our Creator (on a bad day) could have made a fish that is so incapable.


The Human Tetra will kill anything, so it is difficult to suggest companions.   One aquarist put them with Whale Sharks, Rhincodon typusis, but although the Human Tetras seemed overawed by the bigger fish at first, they soon started killing and eating them.  Worse than that, having learned how to kill the bigger fish, the Human Tetras continued killing the Whale Sharks for no apparent reason.  Nothing is safe with this nasty fish, not even its own species.  Males of this species within the same school fight for dominance.  This is not very unusual, but females also fight each other and males.  These behaviours are not unknown in other fish, but the Human Tetra does something very strange.

One school of Human Tetras will systematcally wipe out another school.  Sometimes killing all individuals in the weaker school, and sometimes just the mature males, enslaving the females and immature males.  In some cases this may be based on slight differences in color of the skin of the ones in the other school.

This seems extremely strange in such a slow breeding fish.

Some of our scientists have even speculated that this is actually a land animal.  This is obviously wrong because their liquid excretory system is clearly designed for the water, apart from the fact that they were swimming when captured.  However this fish certainly comes out on land more than any other type of tetra, so decribing them as semi aquatic is less silly.

Water conditions

This fish cannot take cold water for very long.  We suggest a water temperature of about 27 degrees C (80 degrees F).  The air temperature seems important too.  We suggest a temperature of about 25 degrees C (75 degrees F).  This fish tries to regulate its own temperature by coming out of the water to bask in our star's light.  However, the high ultra violet of our star damages their skin.  It has been pointed out that their star (Sol) has much less ultra violet than ours.

Although this fish can go into either fresh or salt water, it must have access to fresh water.

Ideally, this fish would need a light of about 10000 degrees K with only a small amount of ultra violet, but a reasonable amount of infrared.

We suggest that these conditions would be so difficult to provide that this fish is not worth the trouble of keeping.