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AquaNano 25 
The AquaNano 25 is a neat little glass aquarium.  It is a cube with 25 cm sides (external measurement).
This makes the volume about 11 Litres.  It has a surprisingly good filter built into the back and hidden behind a black coloured plastic partition.
The aquarium comes with a 25 watt Aqua One heater which fits at the back at the bottom of the aquarium, hidden behind the partition.
A T 5 flouro light is included.
The aquarium is covered by a two year warranty.
This seems to be the most popular size of AquaNano aquarium because it is big enough to house a Siamese Fighting Fish in comfort, either alone or with a small community of compatible fish.  In the one set up in our shop we have a male fighting fish with 20 Neon Tetras and a pair of Guppies.
One of the things that appealed to me from the first time I saw one of these aquariums was the filter.  It is powered by an Aqua One 101 maxi powerhead with a flow rate of 350 litres an hour, so the  the water is filtered over 10 times an hour.
There are two good sized sponges and  a space for bio noodles (Included) or other types of biological or chemical filteration.
Although I like the AquaNano 25, it isn't perfect.  For one thing, the clips built in to hold the heater are poor.  I actually broke both of them when I was trying to fit the heater.  The heater doesn't need these clips and it works perfectly without them.
I also don't much like the clips that hold the lid on, but they work all right in practice.
Another thing is that the light, filter and heater all have thoir own cords and plugs, so three sockets are needed for the aquarium.  We use a power board for ours. However, this could also be considered an advantage because all three electrical parts can be replaced seperately.
The box the AquaNano 25 comes in has pictures of a Discus and a Goldfish.  Neither of these types of fish would be suitable for this aqarium.
There are other sizes of AquaNano made by Aqua One.
Aquanano 30

 This is a cube 30 cm on each side and with a volume of about 20 litres can take nearly twice as many fish as the AquaNano 25, but is still basically a small aquarium with an excellent filter as well as heater and light.
AquaNano 40
This is a cube 40 cm on each side and holds about 50 litres of water. It has the same sort of filter as the others in the AquaNano range.
Although it has the name Nano which suggests 'small', this aquarium has a comparable volume to the 2 foot aquariums which used to be the most common ones kept.  This is a good medium sized aquarium and can hold a lot of fish.  I do not recommend it for large fish like Angels or sharks.